Technology gifts are especially appreciated by the younger generation and the tech savvy.  Here are some ideas to consider:


This is one of the best selling drones on Amazon for beginners. Priced at $99.00 it will not break the bank if you crash it.  Amazon Link.

If you want one of the best drones available check out the DJI Mavic 3 on Amazon.  It will set you back about $2,000 but it a fantastic drone.  Amazon Link. DJI is one of the best drone manufactures that sell many lower cost drones also.



Portable Air Pump

 For $69 this rechargeable air pump can be a life saver. Perfect for the car or garage. Website Link






Hajimari Flying Orb Ball

This a unique gift your kids will love.   It is a flying/hovering ball that you can toss in the air. $45. Hajimari Link






Super Secure USB Stick


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