Making Your Problems Disappear

Our Managed IT Services

Regardless of your industry, our team at Code Vapor is dedicated to making your IT problems disappear.  Our solutions are targeted for small business, at prices that are extremely competitive and customer focused.  Combined with our Concierge Services, you can rest assured your service will be prompt, highly professional and knowledgeable.

Your Technology Advisor

We take time to understand your business’s unique model and we tailor our solutions to meet your specialized needs. We will develop a long term strategic plan for your IT needs, enabling you to clearly understand you’re IT costs such as desktop refresh, sever consolidation, WiFi expansion, etc.

It is not possible for one company to be an expert for all your technology solutions, but we can be your one contact to manage all your technology providers.

Reduce Your Costs

Managed services are designed to remove inefficiencies and to provide a proactive solution to resolving problems before they happen.  Our advanced monitoring software will ensure each PC and server is updated automatically and will report potential problems.  Using remote control software, many problems can be resolved quickly.

Hardware Procurement & Management

We are experts in sourcing the right hardware and software for your company.  It is easy to recommend the best known products in the industry, and this is what large Fortune 500 companies seek, since cost is not a major concern.  We have established dealerships with quality vendors that have excellent products that fit better in the small business model.  We use the same products in-house that we sell to our customers.

Pre-stock Program

Our customers love our pre-stock program. We inventory your standard IT products and preconfigure them at our office so we can deliver quickly.  Our New Employee program allows Code Vapor to have a fully functional, custom configured system (i.e. PC, printer, phone, etc) installed within one day.

Using your standards such as budget levels, refresh cycles, and position priorities, we can automatically upgrade hardware when there are hardware issues.  Our customers trust us to be in their best interest because our Technology Strategists know your account and has established this relationship.


We manage all warranty issues even if we did not sell your the hardware.


We can provide software licensing for a wide range of products such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Products, etc.

Cyber Security

Regardless of the size of the business, cyber security protection is critical.  Using the 80/20 rule, eighty percent of problems can be avoided at 20% of the cost.

Relealizing that not all business operate the same, Code Vapor can do a simple or complex security review. This could cover infrastructure (firewalls, server, PCs, data storage, etc.)  policy and procedures, building security and employee training.  The simple security review is included in The Concierge Service program.

Code Vapor provides the following services:

  • Threat monitoring, detection and response
  • Simple and complex security reviews
  • Employee security training
  • Hardware evaluation
  • New employees security handbook
  • SOC pre-audit review

Other Technology Services

Beside the standard IT services, we are experienced in several other technologies and can offer this under the Concierge Services program at no additional cost.  We are your IT and technology advisor and if we do not have the expertise, we screen and help coordinate some of the best technology vendors in the area.

Our unique technology services include:

  1. VOIP phones – full service @ $20/month
  2. Audio and video for conference rooms (Teams and Zoom compatible) using new technologies at 50% off
  3. Video green screen rooms
  4. Display boards – display employee information, weather, news and company stats
  5. Basic web development
  6. Advanced web development & marketing (with our partner)
  7. SOC audits

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