NCW New Computer Request

Please enter the information below to request a new computer for an employee.  Upon submission a copy of the request will be sent to Allan Smith and Nick Symanski.

Used for the email signature line. If the title is not in the list, scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Other". You will be prompted to enter a new title.
Check all that apply.
Employee's cell phone number will be used for technical questions and software setup.
Used in the email signature line.
Hardware will be delivered to employees in the Indianapolis office and shipped to remote locations for employees outside of Indianapolis. For circumstances outside these rules, please make a note in the "Special Instructions" field.
Email will be the initial of first name plus the last name, unless special instructions are given.
Please enter the date the employee will start. Computer will be delivered by this date.
If employee trains in Indianapolis on the start date, the laptop will be delivered to Indianapolis and the monitor if requested, shipped to the employee's home office.