Service Offerings

Code Vapor provides IT service and support across a wide spectrum of computer devices and telephony systems. These services can be purchased in the reactive, a-la-carte model or in the more cost effective model of Managed Proactive  Services.

The a-la-cart mode is strictly based on a time and materials basis and provides no real issue prevention, just current issue resolution.  Call Solid Vapor today at (317) 279.6208.

Managed Proactive Services

Managed Proactive Services is the best solution, in that issues are resolved quickly and technology is put in place that focuses on issue prevention. For a small monthly fee, you purchase a slice of ‘corporate level support’ that provides peace of mind and a trusted IT advisor.  A dedicated resource looks after your technology needs where it would be financially impossible to have the same service in house for small businesses.

Support Packages can include the following services:

Managed Antivirus & MalwareAutomatic detection and removal of virus and malware exploits
Patch ManagementOperating systems patches are applied and tracked automatically
Remote ControlSupport and services can be rendered remotely
Document Backup OnlyBack up your documents to the cloud
Complete PC backupBackup all the data on your PC to local storage and/or the cloud
Managed Office 365Management of email and spam control
PC Obsolesce ProgramKnow when your PCs should be upgraded with a budget schedule
Self HealingAutomated background software will auto correct many problems
Virtual Technology Officer (VTO)Have access to advanced technical resources that you can trust
Cybercare 360 TrainingMake sure your employees know how to protect your business from cyber threats
Cybercare 360 TestingRun simulated phishing and social engineering tests on your employees to ensure they are prepared
Monthly ReportsDetailed reports on the health of your computer assets
File server, router, filter and firewall supportManagement and monitoring of network devices
Low cost telephony solutionsVOIP telephone options for small business
SOT Desktop ServicesSlice of Time desktop services offers weekly visits

Level 1 ($15/month)

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Malware

Managed Patching

Self Healing

Document Cloud Backup

Web Protection

Cyber Security Audit

Preferred Customer Status

Level 2 ($43/month)

VOIP Business Phone*

Monthly Reporting

Cyber Security Training**

10% Discount on Service

Preferred Customer Status

Level 3 ($63/month)

VIP Priority Service

1/4 Hr. Phone Support

20% Discount on Service

*Business VOIP Phone. Click here for more details

**Cyber Security Training: Click here for more details

Call (317) 219-3252 or email for a consultation