21st Century Learning Techniques

No more boring lectures or long videos! All of our classes use the following techniques to make learning interesting, fun and retainable:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Storied Based Learning
  • Gamification
  • Four Learning Styles
  • Work at your own Pace (with guidelines)

This style of learning is the major technique used in learning the material.  A concise, instructional video is given on each topic at the beginning of the lesson preparing the student for the project. Downloadable worksheets are available. The student learns the material by completing a project which causes the student to think and apply the knowledge they learned in a practical way. Optional online tips and help are available to assist those who need additional assistance. Personalized help is always available by emailing the instructor.

Who doesn’t love stories?  Computer Science comes to life when wrapped within a story. Each major topic and associated projects are encapsulated in a story in which the student is involved.

For example, in the Python coding course, students are adrift in the new space shuttle on their way to see their parents living on the experimental moon station. Due to accident and communications failure on the ship, students must learn to code and rebuild systems that will take them safely back to earth.

Or in the Computer Science 1 course, students are involved in a real life story where one of their friends posts information in their social account which they regret. Students learn how the internet works and important lesson about data retention.

Complete assignments – get points and badges!  Do well on quizzes and get even more points and badges.  Students can redeem their points at the end of the course for small items in the store for free.

Everyone learns differently. These courses are designed to reach students in one the four ways we learn.  The four learning styles are:

Why -The imaginative type asks why?

What – The analyzer seeks facts

How – The tinkerer wants to know how it works

What If – The explorer is asking what if this happened?