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Let me tell you more about myself.  I have a biomedical electronic engineering degree.  This means designing and repairing medical equipment.  My first job right out of college was at a large medical center in Florida.  One of their specialties was cardiac care.  I remember the first time I was called into the operating room during open heart surgery. The heart monitor was acting up so I stood behind the surgeon trying to diagnose what was wrong with piece of equipment, while trying not to get in the way. The patient’s chest was opened up and I could see his heart beating. Another surgeon was removing veins from his legs to use for the bypass. Exciting times!

A few years later, this was the time the IBM personal computer was just invented. Up until this time, computing was done on large mainframe computers that filled up a whole room. It is hard to imagine today, but up until this time no one had a PC on their desk. No cell phones, no Internet, no Google!  How did we survive?  I was given an opportunity to join a new team that was bringing PCs and networking to the hospital.  Since electronics and computers share many common traits, the switch was easy.

There are so many different careers that involve computers and computer science.  My specialty became desktop services and networking.  At one large healthcare system I responsible for over 10,000 computers.

I also love to code – write computer programs. It is fascinating to “tell” a computer what to do and to create something that has never been created before.  Since robotics is a combination of mechanics, electronics and coding I have created several robots.

The last eight years a got into teaching computer science and providing information technology support in a private high school.  I have met some very sharp students who have written some impressive code and created some cool projects.

We don’t need to know how to ride a horse nowadays, but we do need to be master of the technology around us. Join me is conquering this new world and open up the horizons of tomorrow.

Mr. Allan Smith