Superior Service

Code Vapor’s IT service is different from the typical managed IT service company.  Traditionally there is the sales staff, help desk staff, engineers and implementers.  Permissions must be obtained from management to spend money on behalf of the customer.

Code Vapor’s model is very different.  We empower each Technology Strategist to be the single point of contact is almost every situation. They can make the decisions to keep the customer happy and are responsible for the account satisfaction. We get know your business and we make frequent visits to your site so management and staff feel that you know us and therefore do not hesitate to call when they have a problem, question or advice on how to solve a problem.

  • No Help Desk Queues
    • Each customer is given a cell phone number for their dedicated Technology Strategist.  You may call, text or email them any time during support hours. They can resolve hardware and software issues, give quotes, provide advice on various technologies and be an integrated part of your team.
  • Experienced Engineers
    • Each Technology Strategist is experienced in supporting all manner of IT technology questions and has resources available for advanced help.
  • Empowered
    • Our Technology Strategists are empowered to make financial decisions for the company that will ensure quick and quality solutions.
  • Pre-stocked Inventory
    • For our rapidly growing customers Code Vapor stocks preconfigured, standard PC equipment so new employees can be added within a one day notice if necessary.  We provide all inventory tracking and billing.  We ship to remote employee offices.
  • Cyber Security Training
    • Included in our service is cyber security training. We can do remote group training or be onsite at your staff meetings
  • One-Stop Support
    • Some customers have contracts with external vendors such telephony and Internet providers etc.  Code Vapor will document all contracts and will coordinate service to these external vendor, so you do not have to.
  • Discounts for Our Concierge Customers
    • For our Concierge Customers we discount our hourly rates from the industry standard rates. We want to be your partner and long term IT provider. Our overhead is low since we believe in cloud-based computing and remote offices so we pass these saving on to you.
  • Remote Management and Monitoring
    • We use advanced tools to monitor your PCs, servers and network equipment.
  • Integrated Procedures
    • Code Vapor integrates your procedures into our workflow. Hire a new employee? In addition to purchasing, configuring and delivering/shipping the computer we automatically follow your procedures such as adding the name to the All-Employees email list, arrange for telephone service, add to correct data groups in Teams, etc.

How to Become a Code Vapor Concierge Customer

Our ideal customer is:

  1. Small business with 3 – 50 PCs
  2. Looking for a partner that is interested in your business and not just to one to fix problems as they happen.
  3. Interested in proactive solutions and moving services to the cloud to save money.
  4. Willing to pay a discounted monthly retainer (based upon size) that is credited to monthly service hours.
  5. Has similar values of honesty and integrity.
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