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Welcome to my interactive training site! These classes are no dry video courses where you might remember a few things at the end of the course.  These are lessons that center around a story and a project where you apply all your skills.  There are points to be earned, challenges to be conquered.  Just like any classroom setting there are quizzes and tests so you can be assessed on what you learned.

I love technology and I like working with young people.  What a great combination. Isn’t it great to be alive in the 21st century. Don’t get me wrong, its ok to know how to ride a horse, manage a farm but I would rather know how to build a space shuttle, or program a computer.  Whether you plan to be a doctor, lawyer or computer engineer you need solid computer skills. You have come to the right place.

Our Courses


Computer Science, Grades 8 – 9

Learn advanced computer concepts such as data encryption, binary systems, and phishing. Introduction to basic robotics using Scratch as the coding language.

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Computer Science, Grades 7 – 8

Learn how computers work and communicate and learn more about cyber security, and social engineering. Master the basics of Google Docs and become a level 2 touch typist.

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Computer Science, Grades 6 – 7

Become knowledgeable in computer terminology, internet security, search engines and social etiquette using project based learning. Learn to be a level 1 touch typist.

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Robotics, Grades 10 – 12

This course integrates the technology of the Raspberry Pi, robotics and Python. You will create your own working robot and program it.

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Learn to Code in Python – Level 1, Grades 9 – 12

Learn to program with Python in a project based, game scenario environment. Can you reprogram the failed systems and make it back home safely?

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What People Say

How real people said about Education WordPress Theme.



High School Sophomore

“Challenging, fun, and gives you a real sense of accomplishment – I learned how to do things that I never would’ve thought I’d be able to do!”



Kara - High School Senior

“This class was more challenging than I thought it would be, but that was really helpful because it taught me how to think critically in solving problems.”



High School Senior

“Going into Computer Science class my Freshman year I knew nothing about computer science. By the end of the year I not only knew HTML, but also Python. The teacher was available for questions but he made you think about the answer on your own before he gave you the solution.”



High School Sophomore

“ Taking the Python and Computer Science classes not only helped me learn, but they were very practical. They helped me define my future career ”



College Student

“ Python and Computer Science classes gave me priceless experience in coding and logical thinking. It prepared me for many of my college courses, including but certainly not limited to computer science courses. ”



High School Senior

“ Computer Science class was a thrilling experience. Though it was very challenging, it helped me enhance my problem solving skills. ”