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Business Expansion Roadblocks


A product distribution company was purchased by the owner and they needed to expand the business and increase the reliability of their service. Code Vapor was called in to assist with this process.


  1. Eighty percent of the PCs were six years older and very slow.
  2. No reliable data backup was being done.
  3. Virus/malware software was not current.
  4. All users had local printers and the cost to print was high.
  5. There was an analog phone system with only two lines and no features.
  6. The previous owner did most of the IT support and no IT vendor was in place.


  1. New PCs that were small in size but powerful, were installed on each desk that had limited space.  Dual 28″ monitors were added to each PC.
  2. A small local RAID5 disk array was added for data storage.  All PCs were automatically backed up to the cloud.
  3. New virus/malware software was installed on all the PCs that was automatically updated.
  4. Some local printers were removed and a large network attached copier was installed.  All users could share this printer. B/W printer costs went from $.07/page to $.008 per page.
  5. The analog phone system was replaced with a low cost IP based phone system.  The network infrastructure was upgraded to accommodate VOIP traffic.  Each user now had their own phone and direct dial number.  An automated attendant was added and each user the ability to have calls forwarded to their cell phones if they were in the warehouse.
  6. A small Concierge IT managed contract was signed and customer has access to all Code Vapor’s technology experience at reduced rate.
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