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Tech Gift Ideas

Technology gifts are especially appreciated by the younger generation and the tech savvy.  Here are some ideas to consider: Drones: This is one of the best selling drones on Amazon for beginners. Priced at $99.00 it will not break the bank if you crash it.  Amazon Link. If you want one of the best drones […]

Passwords, Soon To Be History!

Passwords are a necessary evil in a modern world.  A month does not go by where there is not another announcement of a data breach where thousands of passwords have been stolen.  Many modern browsers will warn you that your passwords have been found in hacked databases and encourage you to change your password. But […]

Madison Women Loses $11,500 to Gift Card Scam

The BBB reports consumers lose an average of $700 in the pre-paid scam. One woman is out thousands of dollars after losing her money in a pre-paid scam. She says it started when she received an email about a recent online purchase stating she had ordered a TV and video gaming equipment through Amazon. She […]

Our Business Lost $190,000

Our Business lost $190,000 when our supplier’s email was hacked We were the victims of an email hacking scam. The scammers appear to have hacked a supplier’s email and advised us of a change in bank details. The scammers sent us invoices with amended bank details as well as the prior email trail to and […]

PC Buying Tips

How to Buy a PC and Not Be Ripped Off  (Simple questions you need to ask yourself) Step 1: Buying a PC can be confusing. There are so many choices and they vary wildly in price. First there are 3 basic questions you need to answer first: Do I need portability, or will the computer […]