A Slice of Corporate IT At Affordable, Small Business Prices

$15/month!  Managed PC including Virus and Malware and Web Protection, Cloud Backup, Support Access
$43/month!   Above, plus Business VOIP Phone with over 35 features
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Welcome and Greetings.  I am Allan Smith the CEO and Chief Technology Strategist at Code Vapor.

Code Vapor is a Noblesville, Indiana based IT Consulting company focused on small businesses. We provide critical, corporate level IT services that are now affordable in this market.

Code Vapor has a reputation of being a high integrity provider that puts the needs of the customer’s business first.  Serving thousands of users in the medical, educational and manufacturing fields, Code Vapor delivers award winning customer service.

Our ideal customer is one that has 1 – 30 PCs, who is seeking a personalized approach to IT support with regular onsite visits and a comprehensive plan to protect against cyber attacks.  Code Vapor uses a blend of hardware, software and training to provide the low cost protection your business needs.  We have some great support packages that will help you complete with the competition.

Support Services


Multiple support plans to choose from to meet all your IT needs. Click here for more info.

Cyber Security Training


Protect your business through cyber security training. Click for more info.